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For the world, for our families, for our friends, we have always been a subject of curiosity, bullying, and harassment.

But we are sick of this. We, Queer people, are sick of complying with the rules, the social fabric and the society, that can’t see us happy, that can’t see us in love, that can’t see us living our life, the way we want to. 


For almost two decades, Nepali queer people have been fighting for equal rights, regardless of the fact that that society and the country have always made them, migrant to their own home. They have been silenced, beaten, harassed, and even killed. They faced discrimination and humiliation from their friends, families, society and the state. But still, nothing has stopped them. Their determination and perseverance are exemplary, and not only are they marching the flags for themselves, but they are definitely making things easy for the future generation as well.

To honour those people who have been fighting for equality, both on the frontline or in silent wars against queerphobia, we the team of Kaalo.101, initiated this visual archive project, WE ARE QUEER for this year’s Pride month.


The archive project is a documentation of Nepal’s queer movement, celebrating both small and big wins. It primarily is an online visual archive and showcases pictures of queer people, their struggles, their celebrations and many more.

With our collaborative effort, we hope to be successful in this project and hold space  for discourses and create platforms for archiving queer history.

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